Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Foot at a Time

Returning from an injury can be tough. At least it feels tough at times anyway. My little boo-boo I picked up by walking around barefoot. Nope, I'm not talking about any minimalist running. I mean literally walking... in the house.. barefoot. So well over a month later after walking into an object, the ball of my foot is still slightly swollen. It's getting better.  A lot more slowly than I had wanted, but still it is improving.

I've learned a lot about the foot that I didn't know. I've found shoes that will actually let me still run some without causing pain. I've done some shorter events. I even decided to start blogging again. While this isn't exactly how I had planned my training to go nor was it a preferred scenario, that doesn't make any of this a less valuable experience.

While this foot injury isn't a huge deal, it makes me think. What happens when something goes wrong that doesn't heal? Life is temporary. It is only a matter of time until our physical experiences come to a close. These are not happy thoughts nor are they a good place dwell, but regaining perspective over our earthly situations can be a good thing. If I can use the smaller things to practice how to handle the large issues, wouldn't that be useful? If I can find a way to be thankful and find joy whether or not I'm happy with my situation, won't that help me learn how to do the same when things get really hard? Perhaps the smaller things help to develop coping mechanisms that we need to navigate life.

It is also a reminder that I am not really in control of the world around me. Sure, I can make choices that help protect me like always wearing shoes in the house, but that is still no guarantee that something else won't happen tomorrow. The idea that no matter what you do things can happen outside of your control can be scary. It doesn't have to be, though. Giving up the illusion of complete control is the first step. Turning it over to God is the next. Those two steps lead to freedom. It took time and life for me to really understand how to do those two things. I also didn't understand the kind of freedom gained until I got it. Some days it is still difficult to let go and turn it over, but I am taking it one foot at a time.