About Me

So there I was... spinning on a blue and green sphere in the middle of space. No Guide. No towel. Whose idea was this anyway? A question that didn't matter much because I'd lost my receipt, assuming I had a receipt at some point, somewhere between there and here. I began to wonder if I had actually asked to be sent to this location. Around the same time, I felt a huge craving for milk and a nap.

After spending a few years in a dusty, barren, and very boring location known as Texas, I managed to become an overachiever and escape by way of the US Army. The first year of my West Point experience, people yelled a lot, and I walked around with black socks pulled up to my knees. While this may sound like a less than a stellar vacation spot, it was still better than Texas.

After many hours of math, blowing up small electronic parts, and marching in circles, I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and was sent to place where there would be less math but more marching in circles. I was told to run even though there was really no hurry, and I was then told how awful I was at running. While none of this felt very good or made any sense at the time, it all worked out.

After escaping from the Army, I went to work finding bugs and blowing up small electronic parts which made me extremely happy. I also spent time playing National Guard and working on a master's degree that was all about people and designing things in a way that didn't require those same people to have an engineer's brain. It was just as well as most engineers are too busy engineering to lend their brains to random strangers. A few jobs later, it turned out that all of that marching in circles, sleeping in the woods, blowing up electronics, and engineering humans turned into a really cool job.  Who would have thought? The engineering humans part was so much fun, I decided to go back to school and get even better at it.

The running while not in a hurry part worked out brilliantly as well. Once the men in green suits and shiny pins stopped telling me I had to run faster, I actually started getting faster.  After a bit of this, I then determined running 50 miles through the woods sounded like a really good idea. Turned out it was.

While all of this was going on, I also had to talk to a lot of people. Initially I assumed most people were the same or at least had similar motivations. Turns out, that wasn't the case at all. Some people were nice. Some weren't nice at all. I'm still not exactly sure why anyone would chose to be the latter, but enough people do to make me think that there a lot of completely and utterly confused people on this planet. I prefer the nice ones.

Between the talking, running, marching, engineering, and discovering some folks are just plain crazy, I wound up with a personal relationship with Jesus. That's when I figured out the answer to life, the universe, and everything.