Sunday, July 1, 2012

Angela Ivory

I had spoken to Angela quite a few times at races.  Anytime you went to an ultra in the South, there was a good chance Angela would be there. She was always there with a smile on her face. Angela had an inner strength and kindness. Everyone noticed.

"Sitting, tears in her eyes, and gasping for air, she knows that she can't even walk too far before feeling faint.
One day, she'll run again.
She knows in her heart that the new normal has to be temporary.
She will be well again.
Patience she's never had would come in handy now.
Hope is all that remains.
She has to believe." - Angela's Blog

In her lifetime, she ran over 300 marathons and ultra marathons. Angela passed away at 44 years old from cancer on May 31st. She made the world a better place. Be free to run, and save a place for me, lady!

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